Actor Mugshots: Jeffrey Tambor

karol henckel mugshot actor jeff tambor

Jeffrey Tambor here. Today I am answering your most pressing questions starting at 11:30 AM EST along with with Dan Mirk and Will Graham, the co-creators of the new Amazon Original Pilot Onion News Empire.

On Onion News Empire I star as news anchor David Bryant, a veteran to the media industry and personal friend to 14 US presidents. Watch the pilot for free right now on Amazon and review it as if your life depended on it here:

Outside of my work on Onion News Empire, you may also know me from my roles as Hank Kingsley on the sitcom The Larry Sanders Show and George Bluth, Sr. on Arrested Development, the fourth season of which premiers May 26 exclusively on Netflix. I have also appeared in the comedy films City Slickers and The Hangover, and the television series Three’s Company, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and Bob’s Burgers.

But enough about me. Source: reddit