Cast Lineup: Henry Winkler Mugshot as Barry Zuckerhorn

It’s time to take a look at the most iconic lineup mugshot in television history: the Bluth family from Arrested Development!

Henry Winkler played the role of Barry Zuckerkorn in the television series “Arrested Development.” Barry Zuckerkorn is the rather incompetent lawyer of the Bluth family, a wealthy family who continues to find themselves in various legal troubles throughout the series. Winkler’s character is known for his often confused and baffling legal advice, which more often than not makes the Bluth family’s problems worse rather than better.

Barry Zuckerkorn is a humorous character and Winkler’s performance has been noted for its comedic timing and delivery. His role as Zuckerkorn in Arrested Development is a notable departure from his most famous role as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in “Happy Days”. His character in Arrested Development is less confident and less successful, providing a contrast that has been appreciated by fans of both series.

Despite Zuckerkorn’s incompetence and often ridiculous antics, he is kept on retainer by the Bluth family for much of the series, with Winkler making regular appearances. It’s also worth noting that Winkler’s role in “Arrested Development” involves a lot of self-deprecating humor, adding to the character’s charm and hilarity.