Arrested Development by Karol Henckel pt 1

Arrested Development is the one show that always had me laughing from beginning to end, every single season. It’s weird because this show was not popular at first. It aired on Fox TV starting for three seasons and didn’t get great reviews. But when Netflix picked it up, it suddenly started becoming very popular. It remains popular to this very day even though it last aired in 2018.

Arrested Development centers around one of the funniest families in TV history, the Bluths. Its biggest star is Jason Bateman, who is terrific. He plays Michael Bluth. I had such a crush on him when I first saw him in The Hogan Family on TV when I was a kid. Jason is the only normal person in an absolutely crazy family and Jason is also the show’s straight man, along with his son, George Michael, who is played by the very talented Michael Cera.

I also love Will Arnett, who plays Gob (which is pronounced like ‘jobe’) and he is just nuts. He’s so devious but so funny as Jason Bateman’s brother. The parents are played by Jessica Walter, who died recently, and Jeffrey Tambor, who had done lots of TV but also got in trouble when filming Transformed, an HBO show.

I will add more about Arrested Development soon, but here are some pictures from the TV show.