Everybody Loves Raymond vs Arrested Development

Everybody Loves Raymond was a really popular and funny show on CBS between 1996 and 2005 and I am definitely one of those who loved Raymond. Though it’s not as good as Arrested Development. Raymond was played by Ray Romano who is a really funny person. He was a sportswriter who lived in the Long Island area of New York with his family.

My favorite character is Raymond’s brother, Robert is another good character who seems to be everywhere on TV these days. His name is Brad Garrett.  In this show, he plays a police officer, though I don’t think he ever makes any arrests on camera.

Its kind of hard to explain what the show was about, other then it being about Raymond’s family. Raymond was a sportswriter for a newspaper but the show didn’t really talk about sports. But Raymond was very sarcastic and I love that kind of humor. He also tried to get out of doing any kind of work around the house.

Raymond’s wife was the same person who played the mom in The Middle (another really funny show, but not quite in my top 10), Patricia Heaton. But Raymond’s mom and dad were the funniest people on the show and were always butting into Raymond’s life. They were what I would picture an Italian family to be like. The mom was played by Doris Roberts and she was always trying to control and manipulate. I always laughed when they were on, which was almost always.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, you should watch it. I see repeats all the time and lots of TV channels on my cable TV.

Here are some pictures of the show: