The Office Review by Karol Henckel

The Office is a great TV sitcom and I highly recommend it. It aired for nine different years and had over 200 episodes on NBC. Now it can be seen on many syndicated channels and also NBC Peacock Network.

The Office actually appeared first in England on the BBC but only ran for three years. So the US version is way more popular. Like Arrested Development, my number one favorite show, this had a big and steady cast of hilarious regulars, led by Michael (Steve Carrell), who was the boss of the made up office company Dunder Mifflin. The show was all about the stuff that happened at Dunder Mifflin and it was always funny.

The characters include Jim and Pam, who always had a crush on each other but couldn’t actually admit it to each other until many seasons into the show (they did finally get married towards the end). And Dwight was also a hilarious character who always tried to be Michael’s favorite employee and always dropped the words “to the” in his title of Assistant TO THE General Manager.

Dwight and Jim were always competing and trying to trick and tease each other. I think Jim won most of those battles. But all the other characters were great as well, such as Phylis, Kevin, Oscar, Meredith, Creed and others. They were all so funny and weird. But I always loved Ryan, who started out as an intern and seemed to be the only one who knew how weird everyone else was. But he could always get through his role with a straight face no matter how weird things got. I always thought it was funny that his name was Ryan Howard because during the show, there was a baseball player by the same name who was very famous. He played for the Phillies.

But I was very sad in the episode where Ryan was arrested for fraud after he tried a scheme to make more money. He had been promoted to Dunder Mifflin head office in New York. I bet his mugshot would be funny. At first I was afraid that he wouldn’t be in the show any more, especially after his arrest, but in the following season, he came back to Scranton and he was still great.

Lots more to come, but I have to put the kids to bed….