Actor Mugshots: Justin Grant Wade

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Steve Holt a third-year senior and football star George Michael and Maeby’s high school crush. Often described as a “moron jock”, he is known for his catch phrase “Steve Holt!”, shouted while pumping his fists in the air.

There are many strong candidates for the Gob moment that went too far. He’s repeatedly abandoned his biological son Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade). He’s accidentally killed several small animals during his magic routines. He has wildly inappropriate, emotionally manipulative relationships with everyone from his mother’s elderly neighbor Lucille II (Liza Minnelli) to his nephew George-Michael’s (Michael-Cera) ex-girlfriend Ann (Mae Whitman). All of this behavior makes Gob sound like a monster, but somehow all of this is very funny.

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Steve Holt Just Needs His Father’s Hand

Everyone was really excited when it was announced that Arrested Development would be coming back. But what no one knew is that one very special little buddy hasn’t been asked back: Justin Grant Wade, who plays Steve Holt. Naturally, there is an effort to remedy this.