Actor Mugshots: Ron Howard

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What does everyone think of Ron Howard?
Just watched Apollo 13 the other night and it reminded me of what a great director Ron Howard is. While he surely has made some stinkers (The Dilemma), he has brought us some really solid films: Splash, Cocoon, Apollo 13, Ransom, The Grinch, A Beautiful Mind, etc. With the exception of horror (which I haven’t seen him do) he seems to be one of the most diverse directors out there.

Director Ron Howard here. Hi Reddit! Ask me anything!
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Hi everyone! Really excited for everyone to see my latest film, IN THE HEART OF THE SEA starring Chris Hemsworth in theaters this Friday. Other movies I’ve directed include A BEAUTIFUL MIND, APOLLO 13, RUSH, FROST/NIXON, among many others. Ask me anything, Reddit!

Source: redditReconsidering Ron Howard: Is He Actually a Good Director? – A look at his career and the amount of respect he gets compared to other directors.