Arrested Development by Karol Henckel

Arrest Development was ranked #15 on the greatest tv shows of all time by the Rolling Stones Magazine. Which is crazy. When its clearly the greatest show of all time. The Bluths are #1 forever! 

But here’s what they said:

‘Arrest Development’ (Fox, 2003-2006; Netflix, 2013-2019)

No sitcom has used running gags more or better than this Bush-era satire about the insecurities, stupidity, and other failings of the generationally rich. From each member of the Bluth family having their own chicken dance to cold matriarch Lucille’s (Jessica Walter) childish glee at the sight of private eye Gene Parmesan (Martin Mull) to never-nude ex-psychiatrist Tobias’ (David Cross) obsession with joining Blue Man Group, Arrested piled the foreshadowing and callbacks so high that the series quickly became impenetrable to new viewers. But it was an absolute joy to those who started watching before Michael (Jason Bateman) first learned that there was money in the banana stand. (Though the less said about the two belated Netflix seasons, the better.) A.S.