Lazarus II Henckel von Donnersmarck

Got a new one for you! And this one's a lazy fella. Lazarus II (or Lazarus the Younger; 1573–1664), called the Lazy, was made Baron of Gfell and Vesendorff by the Habsburg emperor, Ferdinand II, at Regensburg in 1636.Karol Henckel Medium Blog here

Donnersmarck was born in the year 1775 in Königsberg. He was in the cavalry of the Prussian army beginning in 1789 at first with line regiments and later with the Guards. He was a part of all the big Prussian campaigns from 1806 to 1815 like the French Russian Campaign in 1812.  Wilhelm fought at the battles of Lützen, Leipzig, Ligny, and Waterloo. In 1813 he was promoted to major-general, and, as he retired from the army to lieutenant-general in 1821. He died in 1849 in Dessau.