Robin Scherbatsky and Mimi AKA Jeanne Smart

One of the best TV characters of all time and one of the main characters of the hit show How I met your mother is Robin Charles Scherbatsky. She’s played by the amazingly talented actress Colbie Smulders WHO IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT, PLAYED ALONGSIDE JEANNE SMART AS MIMI IN ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!!! I just wrote another blog about Jeanne which you should totally check out. Actually two blogs. Small word huh? Anyway, aside from acting alongside great actresses like Jeanne, Colbie played the titular Robin. Robin is a scotch drinker, a gun shooter, former Canadian popstar now journalist.

karol henckel cobie smulders

Robin joined the gang after a funny but uncomfortable date with Ted. She’s Lily’s best friend and ted’sex roommate. And girlfriend. Weird. Later on in the show she marries Barney but they dont work out and wind up divorced. Bad writing if you ask me. Not very…JEAN SMART. – haha! In the end though its just so ted and robin can get married.

And that kids, is how ted met your mother.

Check out the images below. I also posted some where you can see Robin alongside Mimi played by Jeanne Smart.