Arrested Development vs Friends by Karol Henckel

If you don’t know about Friends, you must have been born about a week ago or haven’t turned on a TV in the past 25 years. It’s no Arrested Development, but this NBC hit show ran from 1994-2004 and was the top show in television. The actors, all of who are great, were the most highly paid actors on television, and for good reason.

The show is about six really close friends who live in New York City. In fact, I’ve been to the apartment building where they lived in Greenwich Village.

So the boy characters are Chandler, who is kind of the smart-alex type, and then Joey the kinda dumb and handsome actor, and finally Ross who is a kind of dork, but the smart one.

The girl characters are Monica, the smart but also smarty alexy type. She’s Ross’s sister as well. She dated lots of guys, but towards the end Monica and Chandler ended up in bed together, then got married later on. The other girl is Rachel who is played by Jennifer Aniston who is very famous and once was married to Brad Pitt. Rachel was left at the church by the guy she was supposed to marry in the first episode ever, but she did lots of stuff to get over it. She used to play a waitress at the coffee shop where everyone hangs out, but then she got great jobs in fashion. She was very lucky. Rachel also had on and off relationship with Ross. It was always a weird relationship, but they ended up together at the end, which makes me happy. And then there was Pheebe, who was the funniest character ever. She had lines that could make someone laugh so hard, they would end up in cardiac arrest. She was most famous for her song

Smelly Cat and also by having very strange powers.

It was a great group effort and there were loads of funny story lines.

I mentioned before that Ross and Rachel had a relationship. They broke up at one point and there was the argument of whether they were ‘on a break.’ It was a running joke, but also gave the characters a chance to date lots of other people in between.

Mona Got A DUI!

One of Ross’s relationships that I thought was going to work was with a girl called Mona. They meet at Monica’s wedding to Chandler but it all got so screwed up because Rachel was pregnant during their relationship (she got pregnant with Ross, though they were still on a break). They kept dating through that entire season after the wedding, but as always it was a mess. They ended up breaking up at the end, but of all of the girlfriends of Ross Mona was one of the best,

I saw in my twitter feed earlier this year that the person who played Mona, who goes by the name of Bonnie Sommerville, got arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) this year. Is this any different from driving while intoxicated (DWI). In any event, the girl who played Mona was arrested for drunk driving. I hope she’s ok and not in jail or anything because she’s a really good actress.

Gotta get the kids to the park now, so more later… Chow.